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JVSBeliefs drive most of our actions, sometimes to our benefit. However, incorrect beliefs can lead to actions that may hold us back from achieving what we want or need.

This blog is an exploration of how we form beliefs, recognize when they limit us, and how we can change them. I’m a technologist that values self-improvement and philosophy and make no claims to being an expert on behavior and psychology. My interests in personal productivity have lead to investigating the major role beliefs play in actually taking actions. Very often the strategies we need to achieve a goal are readily available, yet we fail to act on this information. The problem is usually some limiting belief, which we may not even be aware of, that holding us back. Being able to do something about these limitations is just as important as having a strategy to reach a goal. Ideas are worthless without action.

Much has been written on this topic from various viewpoints: religious, philosophical, and scientific. My bias is toward exploring pragmatic approaches that leverage science. The objective is to find ways to help take the right actions to reach goals. While you may not agree or find some of the techniques don’t work for you, I hope it leads you to further investigate this topic.